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To use Octeract Engine, you’ll need an Authentication Token. This is a file that identifies you, automatically, every time you log into the system. It is a .octeract_lic file and looks like what you can see below.

authentication token

To find your authentication token, you’ll need to register online for the Engine.

Step 1: Create a Free Account

If you haven’t registered, you can create a free account in a few seconds. If you’ve already registered, skip this step.


Step 2: Login to your Account

Verify your email by clicking on the verification in the email we sent you. Remember to check your spam folder if you can’t find this email. After verifying your account, go to the Login page and login with your details.


Step 3: Download Authentication Token

Once logged in, you will find the button, to download your authentication token, on the top right of the page.


Step 4: Install Authentication Token

After downloading your authentication token, you will need to include it as part of the installation process.


Select “Use an existing authentication token” in the installation wizard. If you select “Continue without an authentication token”, simply move the authentication token file to the folder where the Octeract binary is located on your machine.
windows installation


Install the authentication token by replacing
with the path where you downloaded the authentication token.

						octeract-auth "<AUTH_TOKEN>"

Step 5: Final Check

To check that the authentication token has been successfully included in the installation process, run the following command:
octeract-engine --auth-token

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