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Installation Manual
Get started with our installation guide

Python API Reference Manual
Browse through Octertact’s Python API reference manual

C++ API Referance Manual
Check out Octeract’s C++ API reference manual


Solve your First Problem
Let’s walk you through Solving a problem with Octeract Engine

Run in Parallel Mode
Octeract Engine has the ability to solve in parallel. Learn how to try it out.

Authentication Token Guide
Learn more about what this token is, where to find it and how to use it.

Solver Options

How to Set Options
Find out more about solver options and how to change them using an options file.

All Available Options
An index of all the options available in Octeract Engine.

Solver Flags

Input Flags
View all optional arguments accepted by the Octeract Engine executable

Exit Flags
View all possible exit status messages printed by Octeract Engine upon termination.

Further Insight

Primal Heuristics
Learn more about One of the primal Heuristics used in Octeract Engine: Nonlinear Feasibility Pump.

Find out more about the Binary Quadratic Problem (BQP) reformulation method.

Learn more about Nonlinear Relaxations for Convex MINLPs.

Starting Point
Find out more about starting points for IPOTP.