Installation Guide for Octeract Engine

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Would you like to install Octeract Engine? Let us take you through the steps.

Which operating system are you using?

Octeract Engine Installation on Windows

To install Octeract Engine, follow the steps in the installation wizard you just downloaded:

  1. Select "Use an existing authentication token" when prompted to choose an authentication token in the wizard. You will be able to access your authentication token after creating a free account.

  2. Press "Browse" and navigate to where you have downloaded the authentication token on your machine.

  3. Select the authentication token file.

  4. Click "Next" in the installation wizard.

Windows setup

Octeract Engine Installation on Linux

  1. Download Octeract Engine and Authentication Token

  2. Download the Octeract Engine software package for your operating system and your authentication token. You will be able to access your authentication token after creating a free account. Note down the location of the package you downloaded, as well as the authentication token.

  3. Install the Engine

  4. The Linux installation package comes in the form of a self-extracting archive.

    For users who want to get up and running as fast as possible, the package enables an optional set-up stage, where the system library and binary directories are automatically modified, and an optional guided configurations for running with Python, or through a GAMS solver are provided.

    Advanced users may opt to skip this stage, and configure their system to find Octeract Engine and its libraries manually.

    The set-up can always be run again, by running the
    program, included in the
    directory of the distribution.

    To install Octeract Engine, follow the steps below:

    • Download the self-extracting (.sh) archive to a location of your choice.

    • Open up a terminal. A terminal can usually be found in your already installed applications, on any linux distribution.

    • Navigate to the directory you would like Octeract Engine to install itself to. The self-extracting archive distribution always extracts itself in the current active directory.


    • Execute the self-extracting package and wait for extraction. (Please replace "X.X.X" with the current engine version, e.g., 3.7.0)


    You will be asked whether you want to proceed with automatic configuration. You can always re-run this step later by running
    from the
    folder of the extracted Octeract Engine distribution.

    If you opted for an automatic configuration, to make it active, you will need to log out and in to reload the shell variables, or manually activate them by running
    source ~/.profile
    for bash shells or
    source ~/.zprofile
    for zsh shells. If you don't know what that is, you are most likely running a bash shell.

  5. Add Authentication Token

  6. Install the authentication token by replacing
    with the path where you downloaded the authentication token, and running:

    octeract-auth "<AUTH_TOKEN>"

    For example if your authentication token is in
    , the command will look like this:
    octeract-auth "/home/user/Downloads/authentication_token.octeract_lic"

  7. Run the Engine

  8. As a last step run octeract-engine to make sure that it has been installed successfully.

    octeract-engine --help

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