Input Flags

The only mandatory argument for the octeract-engine executable is the model file. The executable also accepts the following optional arguments:

  • -h [ --help ]: Produce help message.
  • -o [ --option ] arg: Specify option file path.
  • -d [ --dir ] arg: Specify output solution directory.
  • --stats: Print problem statistics.
  • -t [ --timeout ] arg: Specify solving time (in seconds).
  • -n [ --numcores ] arg: Specify maximum number of cores to use for solving.
  • –m [ --mpi-hostfile ] arg: Specify host file for MPI distributed multiprocessing.
  • –p [ --print-problem ]: Print problem details.
  • –v [ --version ]: Print version information.
  • --auth-token: Print authentication token information.
  • -g [--diagnostics]: Enable diagnostics mode.
  • --parallel: Internal diagnostics switch - not required for normal operation.

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